Sunday, September 28, 2008

September '08 Top 10 Bone Lists

Today, we tried once again to make a our Top 10 Bone Lists OF ALL TIME, but again we settled for AT THIS CURRENT MOMENT IN TIME lists.

NATALIE'S TOP TEN BONE LIST (of the moment):
10. paul rudd
09. jay baruchel
08. albert hammond, jr.
07. etienne kerber
06. a jonas brother (kevin being last)
05. victor tamburini
04. taylor locke
03. mick jagger (circa 1966/68/72)
02. fabrizio moretti
01. johnny depp (especially cira 1992/3)

Explaining her number one: "because he is just overall always so hot so i figured he should probably be number one"

10. Harry Allouche
09. Nick Jonas
08. Gael Garcia Bernal
07. Taylor Locke
06. Etienne Kerber
05. Devendra Banhart
04. Johnny Depp
03. Alex Greenwald
02. Fabrizio Moretti
01. Jason Schwartzman

Explaining her number one: "Jason is number one in my heart, so by default he is number one on every list."

And there you have it folks! Our Top 10 Ultimate Bone List of September 28th, 2008.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Luv me sum ghey Jerri Blank

I tried to purchase a slice of pizza with a pad today.
It is the same size as my money bag.
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I am not allowed to go to bed past midnight and go to school anymore.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Why aren't we T.L.'s rebounds?

Last week on the bus, a man held my hand.

Well, first he was all saying "hello" to everyone. But then, I sit near him. So he says hi to me. I say hi back, but then he asks my name. Shakes my hand, then holds it. For atleast 3 minutes while he asks me if I go to college like him. Then he lets go of me. Tells me a story about how he once went into Victoria's Secret, but he isn't gay because "Stright is better." Then tells me Sesame Street is filmed in New York. Then asks me to spell, "Exit" 3 times. Then he leaves the bus. This whole time I am looking at John trying not to lol thinking, "I gotta blog this."

He had to be some kind of mentally "not all there."

I loved him. We are now dating.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


finally watched theodore rex

it takes place in the "futuristic" world, which is really a bunch movie sets that remind me of ugly betty and toys starring robin williams with technology from the jetson's. as soon as teddy rex spoke, i recognized his voice. turns out that he's BRYAN MCKENZIE IN FATHER OF THE BRIDE. teddy doesn't really believe in violence and doesn't carry a gun. i assume in college he was into nonviolent protest and had posters of ghandi/martin luther king, jr. on his walls. he also may have had acne since he has a strong love for cookies. oh yeah, and whoopi goldberg is pretty much herself.

somehow, the two are paired together to solve a "dinoside". they go to a nightclub full of dinosaurs, and whoopi is friends with a little boy. honestly, i didn't get the plot. well, i didn't pay too much attention. something about bad guys and evolution. i don't care. 

the comedic peak was the three jokes referring to the gas we pass. theodore rex called a fart a "BUTT TRUMPET". this is a term i have never heard before, and i actually laughed enough to be dad was in the room. right after that, he said he "didn't POP GAS". who POPS gas? i do now. and the third, to get information from a bad guy, the dino just sat and farted on him. 

one of the bad guys was sprayed with a weird white substance that froze him. since he had glasses, he looked like a harlequin baby. i'm not making a joke. he really did look like one.

i had totally forgotten about toys. 
gotta put that on my library list.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

"Raymond is on."

So my speech teacher told me I deliver my speeches like a stand-up comic. He hated it, because he is a douche. But it just made me all, "Heyyyy I should ~totalleee~ be a comic!"

Friday, September 5, 2008


I got a new toothbrush today because I dropped my old one in the toilet and then in a kitty litter pile last night.

Also, my journal I write for class is all about cute boys. And sex boats.

latest discoveries.

  • sex boats really do exist ( thank god! )
  • "grandparent's day" is on the calendar yet not celebrated
  • most tall girls think they can model...because they are tall enough. ( C'MON )

Thursday, September 4, 2008

someone on best week ever blogged this

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

This Morning Can Suck It!

So I am woken up this morning by the cat going crazy! He was scratching at my door and then when I opened it he ran in my room. Then followed me EVERYWHERE. Not the normal kind of following, the frantic following. I couldn't tell what he wanted. Then I was all, F this noise. And just let him in my room as I would try to go back to bed. Oh noooo. He wants to open my closet doors by some kind of kitty magic and get all up in there. And then, crawl INSIDE my box spring part of my bed. AND STAY THERE. Forever. And after I just gave up, cat in my bed, me on the computer, crazy crap starts going on outside. Somebody is yelling at something about fighting. A jackhammer is a nice addition to the constant sounds of cars and buses going by. Then, somebody is all, "You know what would be killer? If I set off firecrackers outside this apartment building with all the windows open at 9 in the morning on a Wednesday." And that is just what he did. Then, though out all this stuff, all the doors in the apartment are closing and opening and closing. Either from ghosts or wind gusts.

This is stupid. I am gonna go walk a mile to Walgreens and buy index cards.

Hopefully not get fire cracked.